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Behind the Scenes, Part 2

March 17, 2016

“What does it mean?” “What were you thinking about when you painted this?” A few times: “I see a golfer”. It’s amused me to think of doing a series on golfers to give the people what they seem to want, but I don’t really care for golf. So instead, here’s what I was thinking about […]

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Behind the Scenes (The Painting Fought Back)

March 7, 2016

The author David Foster Wallace once said something like, When writing a book, there always comes a time where you fall to the ground and bang your head against the floor. I see a lot of parallels between writing and painting, but I don’t feel this way with every painting because there are some that […]

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365 Days of Art: January 28 – Michelangelo Drawing Sells at Auction for $7.4 Million

January 28, 2014

January 28, 1998 Christ & the Woman of Samaria, a drawing by Michelangelo, sold for $7.4 million at Sotheby’s. Christ and the Woman of Samaria was made when he was about 65. It’s drawn, not on paper, but on a poplar panel that has warped and curved over time. In order to be able to […]

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Six Degrees of Ivan Albright

November 24, 2013

Ivan Albright (1897 – 1983) was an American painter and printmaker whose work dealt mainly with themes of life and death, decay, and the effects of time. His depiction of exaggerated aging as well as the all-over eruptions of growths and details lend his work a dark and unsettling quality, suggesting a sort of vanitas […]

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Collaborations and Caterpillar Ladies

November 19, 2013

Mia showed me the best blog post recently, about an artist who accidentally began collaborating with her 4-year old daughter. The artist, Mica Angela Hendricks, often works side-by-side with her daughter in the studio. One day, she surreptitiously attempted to try out a high-quality sketchbook without attracting her daughter’s attention because she didn’t want to […]

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Mockingbirds and Collage: Discuss

November 18, 2013

Here’s a great quote from author Tom Robbins: “Mockingbirds are the true artists of the bird kingdom. Which is to say, although they’re born with a song of their own, an innate riff that happens to be one of the most versatile of all ornithological expressions, mockingbirds aren’t content to merely play the hand that […]

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The Only Art Worth Doing Is the Art That Makes Things Better: An Interview with Maura McGurk

February 7, 2011

In an interview with fellow artist Gina Marie Dunn, Maura McGurk discusses her creative process and inspirations for creating political art. She also considers some practical issues about being a fine artist, and, true to form, even finds a way to reference the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry. Please access the full interview here.       […]

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The Dream of the Woodshop

February 1, 2011

I’ve been having lots and lots of dreams lately…I usually never remember my dreams so this is notable. The other night, I dreamed that I was cutting wood panels in a wood shop. I was cutting panel after panel, then taking them over to the drill press and drilling four shallow holes in the back, […]

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy

December 24, 2010

Yesterday I overheard Mia on the phone, talking with one of her friends when she didn’t know I could hear. I heard her say that I had been offered a couple of jobs recently, and that although I’d been really interested in them, and they would have been great opportunities for me, I decided not […]

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Vermont Studio Center: The Fleeting Image

November 22, 2010

In Which We Laugh at a Technical Difficulty While Discovering a Metaphor for Artmaking. Last week, I attended a lecture at the Vermont Studio Center by the painter Yvonne Jacquette. (Check out this article for more info on her paintings of aerial cityscapes). Near the end of her talk, the Powerpoint and digital projector were […]

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Vermont Studio Center: Evolution of a Painting

November 21, 2010

A peek inside the artist’s studio… I tend to develop a painting intuitively and reactively…I don’t work out a plan ahead of time, or plot a composition on paper first. I begin by diving in and sketching out shapes with paint. When I step back and look at the painting, I’ll react to what I’ve […]

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Vermont Studio Center: The Edda Jakab Studio

November 5, 2010

My studio is called The Edda Jakab Studio. There aren’t many studios that are named, so this caught my eye. I made a note to myself to look her up, but so many other things have been on my mind that I hadn’t gotten around to it. One of the things on my mind: last […]

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Maura McGurk interviewed by

October 1, 2010

“…Maura is talking about her love for Italy. Besides being moved by the light alone, she has become enthralled with the generosity of the people, the food and the vivacious appreciation for life. Having visited Italy as an assistant painting teacher to Tony Miraglia with UMass Dartmouth’s Sicily program, McGurk, as well as her work, […]

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