Web Design Services

I’d love to help you realize possibilities for representing your business in the world.


I draw on my background and expertise in fine art to craft an individualized, creative expression of your business’s identity.

Custom Website Design and Development





other platform

one-page website: $1,200

5 - 8 pages: $3,000

over 8 pages: $5,000+

Website TLC


I usually recommend a complete redesign on a site you no longer love: it’s often more satisfying, efficient, and budget-friendly. But sometimes all your site needs is some TLC. If your current site is healthy, this package could work for:

  • substantial copy revisions
  • fresh photos
  • a new page
  • removal of obsolete posts and the like
  • includes a check for broken links





Tech Support

$75 per hour

For services such as:

  • maintenance/updates behind the scenes
  • if you’ve hit a bump in the road while creating DIY web magic, I can take the reins, or guide you through
  • training on how to use your site: confidently learn how to make small edits, or create polished posts
  • regular post creation/uploads – such as monthly promotions, events, new photos
  • site audit to improve user experience, such as checking for broken links, typos

Things to think about:

As you contemplate taking this important step for your business, please ponder these questions prior to our consultation. Your answers will help me to understand your business and its specific challenges.

About your business:

  • What products/services does your business offer?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What are the top 5 reasons your ideal customer will visit your site?
  • What are your goals for the site?
  • Do you have a current website?
  • Why are you choosing to design/redesign, and why now?
  • What is your desired timeline?

About your ideas:

  • What pages do you have in mind (About, Services, Blog, etc)?
  • Any thoughts about color scheme?
  • Thoughts about the design?
  • Name 3 websites you like for their design (may be the site overall, or just one element).
  • Name 3 websites you dislike for their design.
  • Any other  thoughts to share?

How do you know if this is the right time to design or redesign your website?

People often wonder if this is “the right time” for a new website. This is completely understandable – you’re taking a significant step forward with your business. It’s a big deal! 

We’ll put in lots of work together, but it will be worth it when you have a polished, up-to-date site that represents your business in a way that allows it to shine.

To ensure that this important project is set up for success, please be ready with answers to the questions above, and have an honest conversation with yourself about the following:

  • Are you the decision maker for this project, ready to answer questions and make decisions on behalf of your business?
  • Do you have the time to think about and plan for your site?
  • To gather images and organize copy?
  • Are you available for timely turnaround of emails and design review comments? 

If this truly isn’t the case now, perhaps this isn’t the right time to embark on this project together. But please reach out to me later; I’ll be happy to work with you when the time is right!

Please contact me at maura@mauramcgurk.com