Artist’s head, with images radiating outward, such as tendrils, fish and birds, architectural diagram, hand-painted shapes.

Hi, I'm Maura. I'm an artist, an editor, and a website designer.

I wear many hats, but my job is simple: to help you communicate your message to the world. I love working with businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists/artisans alike.

My background in language and fine arts gives me a strong understanding of the two backbones of communication: words and pictures. I have a discerning eye for color and shape, as well as a love of finding just the right turn of phrase. My goal is to make your message sing – whether it’s the home page of your website, a mural for your office building, or your new novel.

I have worked with many different types of communications, in a variety of industries, including higher education, museums, retail and the nonprofit world. This diverse experience has made me versatile in my approach, with the ability to solve a range of design and communication challenges.

How Can I Help?

I offer a range of creative services for businesses and individual artisans.

Art & Design

Hand-drawn icon of can full of paintbrushes.

My paintings, illustrations, signs, murals, book covers, and more are custom-made with exquisite care.


Hand-drawn icon of woman holding pencil in teeth while working on computer.

I’ll turn my discerning eyes and ears to your website copy, marketing materials, book, or other written communications. My goal is to make your message sing.


Hand-drawn icon of hand holding a mobile phone that displays a website.

From a one-page portfolio to a complex site for your growing business, I’ll make sure you are well-represented online.