The Two Mona Lisas

A second Mona Lisa (on the right), which was discovered just before World War I, was recently classified as an authentic Leonardo. Tests by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, based on the personal “signature” of Leonardo’s brand of geometry, along with carbon dating, are certain enough to call this the first of his two Mona Lisa paintings.

California, Meet Minnesota (and Delaware, and Rhode Island)

Today, Minnesota legalized gay marriage.

This is amazing on many levels.

When I was planning my wedding 9 short months ago, there were 6 states where marriage was legal. Of those, 3 were in the midst of some kind of repeal attempt, so we had 3 true options. Mia and I had to go outside of the state where we lived in order to get legally married (thank you, Connecticut, you will always be close to our hearts for that reason).

In the last 11 days, 3 states have legalized marriage equality. That’s worth repeating: 3 states in 11 days have legalized marriage equality. That’s momentum! Thank you, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Minnesota, for doing the right thing.

Who would’ve thought that any of these 3 (very lovely) states were known for being on the cutting edge? Or how about Iowa, who legalized marriage equality in 2009? A big part of me wanted to get married in Iowa, just to show them my support. Every time the news comes out of one of these states, I do a little congratulatory dance, and then my thoughts turn to California.

California, you know I love you forever. I went to college there. My heart is in the Bay Area. But I hope it hurts you, at least a little, that Delaware, Rhode Island, and Minnesota have beaten you at your own progressive game. I hope you’re wondering where you went wrong. I hope you’re feeling a little behind the 8-ball, because you are.

The Delawares, and the Minnesotas, and the Rhode Islands of this country are showing you up.

Aside from Wayne’s World putting Delaware on the map in 1992 (ahem), I couldn’t have told you much about it. But Delaware passes marriage equality, and we see what they’re really made of. We know what makes them tick.

California, are you there? Hello?