Black cliffs flank white sandy beaches with blue surf.

365 Days of Art: Bonus Birthday Post: April 14 – Georgia O’Keeffe Leaves Hawaii

Black Lava Bridge, Hana Coast No. 1, by Georgia O’Keeffe, 1939

I try to feature artists who are female, gay, or of color whenever possible, but the fact is, most of recorded art history involves men. Because today is my birthday, and because there are two events involving female artists, here’s a bonus post.

April 14, 1939

Georgia O’Keeffe leaves Honolulu, a trip paid for by the precursor to Dole Pineapples, on the ship Matsonia, and returns to New York. She wrote to photographer Ansel Adams:

I have always intended to return to Hawaii…I often think of that trip at Yosemite as one of the best things I have done – but Hawaii was another.

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