Quiet, poignant abstract painting by Gorky.

365 Days of Art: July 17 – Distraught Gorky Roams NYC Streets

Arshile Gorky, The Limit, oil and paper on canvas, 1947

July 17, 1948

A distraught Arshile Gorky roams the streets of New York. He tells a former student that his wife has left him, and that he is unhappy. Another former student suggests that someone stay with Gorky until his psychiatrist appointment in three days’ time.

That night, Gorky tries to visit an old friend in the East Village and brings a gift. Discovering his friend isn’t home, he proceeds to Isamu Noguchi’s studio, still carrying the small papier-mache bird for his friend. The bird is lost somewhere in Noguchi’s studio and is never found.

This man is a walking open wound. And the metaphor of the paper bird—acccch.

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