Colored head of King Tut gazes into distance.

365 Days of Art: February 17 – King Tut’s Burial Chamber is Opened

February 17, 1923

King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber is opened by archaeologist Howard Carter.

The brouhaha of the traveling Tut exhibition in the late 70s (which was revived with a less newsworthy sequel just a couple of years ago) was a big part of my childhood. I desperately, desperately wanted to see it at the Field Museum in Chicago. I remember making a life-size papier-mache, gold-colored, Egyptian sarcophagus with my class in second grade.

If Egypt ever settles down again, please go, and make sure to visit the Valley of the Kings, the Egyptian Museum, and the Islamic Museum (though it was recently damaged in rioting. I don’t know what will become of it, or its collections. It’s one of my favorite museums ever. Very sad). But go. You’ll never see anything else like it.

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