Colorful and spiritual, Redon's painting features objects that resemble butterflies and sea anemones.

365 Days of Art: February 18 – Art Collector Buys Six Odilon Redon Works

Odilon Redon, Red Sphiinx, Oil on canvas, c. 1912, approx 20 x 24 inches

February 18, 1909

Six works by Odilon Redon were sold to art collector Lillie Bliss at the Armory Show in New York. The works (Silence, Roger and Angelica, Le Petit Prelat, Druidesse, Pegasus and Le Jour) are mostly black and white prints or charcoal drawings from his early period. The painting above is more typical of his palette and imaginative, Symbolist subject matter.

The purchase totaled $1,437. What a steal!

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