365 Days of Art: July 30 – Vincent Becomes Youngest Art Dealer in Firm, and Vincent is Laid to Rest

Self-portrait by Van Gogh.
Vincent Van Gogh, self portrait, 1889

July 30, 1869

Van Gogh becomes the youngest employee of the art dealers firm of Goupil & Compagnie in The Hague.

July 30, 1890

Twenty one years later, Vincent’s funeral is held. His coffin is placed for viewing in his room at the inn in Auvers, surrounded by his last paintings, and the tools of his trade: his easel, folding stool and brushes. Yellow flowers–his favorite–including sunflowers are gathered in the room. By all accounts, his funeral, as well as his burial on a hill afterwards, is a moving event, and Vincent is remembered fondly.

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