365 Days of Art: June 6 – NYT Reviews Edward Curtis’ Photographic Book of Native American Research

Sepia-tinted photo from early 20th century depicts two Sioux chiefs on horseback on the plains.
Sioux Chiefs, by Edward Curtis

June 6, 1908

The New York Times publishes a review of Edward Curtis’ first volume of research on all the Native American tribes in the United States, including photographs. An excerpt:

Nothing like it has ever before been attempted for any people. He has made text and pictures interpret each other and both together present a more vivid, faithful and comprehensive view of the North American Indian as he is to-day than has ever been made before or can possibly be made again…In artistic value the photogravures are worthy of very great praise. They are beautiful reproductions of photographs that in themselves are works of art…And when it is all finished it will be a monumental work, marvelous for the unstinted care and labor and pains that have gone into the making, remarkable for the beauty of its final embodiment, and highly important because of its historical and ethnographic value.”