Trees, flowers, and decorative architectural details are reflected in formal, man-made pool.

365 Days of Art: October 22 – Cezanne Dies

Paul Cezanne, The Pool, 1876
Paul Cezanne, The Pool, 1876

October 22, 1906

Paul Cezanne dies. He’s very important to 20th century art, and ushers in ideas about abstraction, especially reducing forms to their essential shapes, which other artists run with. He paints the same mountain over and over, dozens of times, to really investigate it. Watching Mt. Rainier now, with all of its different colors and moods, I can really appreciate that you can never nail it exactly. One of my favorite Cezanne tricks is that he never washes a brush without first daubing some of that color in another spot of his canvas. That’s why you’ll see patches of blue in his grounds and trees, and patches of ochre and brown in his skies. He believes that everything is interrelated, and this provides continuity for the eye.

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