365 Days of Art: October 24 – Frida Writes a Letter About Diego’s Affair, Bacon’s Love Commits Suicide

Smiling Diego and Frida sign paperwork in front of witness

Frida and Diego sign the register in San Francisco, December 8, 1940.

October 24, 1934

Frida writes to her pal and confidante, Dr. Eloesser:

I have suffered so much in three months that it is going to be difficult for me to feel completely well soon but I have done everything I can to forget what happened between Diego and me [referring to his affair with her sister Cristina] and to live again as before”.

Francis Bacon, Triptych, May - June 1973, 1973

Francis Bacon, Triptych, May – June 1973, 1973

October 24, 1971

George Dyer, Francis Bacon’s longtime love, commits suicide, just before the opening of Bacon’s retrospective at Paris’ Grand Palais. His death, by a deliberate overdose of pills in their hotel room, inspires Bacon to paint Triptych, May–June 1973, a portrait of Dyer’s last moments.