Van Gogh painting of exterior of the yellow house he rented in Arles.

365 Days of Art: September 16 – Van Gogh Moves into the Yellow House

Vincent van Gogh, The Street, 1888
Vincent van Gogh, The Street, 1888

September 16, 1888

Van Gogh moves into the Yellow House in Arles. In a letter to Theo, he describes it like this:

Also a sketch of a 30 square canvas representing the house and its setting under a sulphur sun under a pure cobalt sky. The theme is a hard one! But that is exactly why I want to conquer it. Because it is fantastic, these yellow houses in the sun and also the incomparable freshness of the blue. All the ground is yellow too. I will soon send you a better drawing of it than this sketch out of my head.

The house on the left is yellow with green shutters. It’s the one that is shaded by a tree. This is the restaurant where I go to dine every day. My friend the factor is at the end of the street on the left, between the two bridges of the railroad. The night cafĂ© that I painted is not in the picture, it is on the left of the restaurant.

He later lives with Gauguin there in one of the most tortured roommate situations ever. The house is severely damaged by bombs during World War II and is demolished.

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