Fragment of wallpapered drywall, with hole in the center that reveals curlicued strips of colored paper inside.

Cut Up Cut Out

Charles Clary, Double Diddle Daddle Bereavement Movement # 1

I have a soft spot for paper. While my hand was injured, I kept sane by sewing papers together with a sewing machine, and this show at Bellevue Art Museum, about all the ways you never thought to use cut paper, really spoke to me.

I’ve been thinking about how to expand my paintings as I move forward, and this show was certainly full of options. The piece above was one of my favorites, and gave me something to think about, as I consider adding dimension and edges to my works.

Donna Ruff, 10.28.13

It took me a few moments to realize all of Ruff’s work are front pages from The New York Times.

Simone Lourenço, My Universe, Blue

Simone Lourenço uses thread (a love of mine) along with her papers. This, along with the explosion of color and edges, was one of my favorite pieces.

More sewing below (love!), with multiple sheets of paper making a detailed whole. A true depth and elegance.

Artwork made from layers of precisely cut paper, featuring architectural modeling in perspective as well as sewn seams.
Adam Feibelman, Security
Detail of paper artwork, with precise cutouts recreating details of architectural columns, as well as sewn seams.
Adam Feibelman, Security (detail)

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