Silhouette of pig, energy waves emanating from it, and caption of 2019 in gold

Happy Year of the Pig!

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the Year of the Pig!

The Pig is always a sign of good fortune; she simultaneously embodies the down-to-earth aspects of human nature, a joie de vivre, and a love of exploration – everything from introspection, to creative pursuits, to travel. [This natural-born Pig says – Don’t forget our sense of humor!].

Because everyone can access these qualities during the Year of the Pig, we each have opportunities to flourish, and the color gold is a metaphor for the extra luck ahead for us all. More than usual, this New Year is about discovery, synchronicity, and good luck. So act like a Pig: excavate symbolic truffles and roll in the energetic mud!

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