Road Trip: Harvest Gallery Wine (and Art) Bar, Dennis MA

Photo courtesy of Coco 1003

What does Dorothy say in the Wizard of Oz: that you really don’t need to search any further than your own backyard? Well the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar is a hidden gem in Dennis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. I’d never heard of it, even though I’ve been visiting my parents in West Dennis for years.

But I know it now, and I’m thrilled.

This place has the best of everything: sophisticated without being snooty, arty while still being accessible, delicious food and drink that’s not pricey and comes in generous portions, live music that’s not amateur hour or cover bands.

There was a great mix of demographics that you don’t always see on the Cape: a table of young, hip couples, a group of women meeting at the bar, couples of all ages on dates, some singletons who came out for a glass of wine. Again, perfect.

We had a delicious mushroom crostini and some good wine and beer. Don’t you just hate it when you’re served a miniscule portion of food? Not here–the crostini was large enough to be split three ways! Healthy, local options; everything looked and smelled fantastic.

The art on the walls was a pleasant change from the lighthouse shtick that’s too common at art galleries in seaside towns. We saw large abstract paintings, delicate mobiles, sturdy wood and bronzes, mixed media on paper. The shows change every couple of weeks, feature Cape artists, and seem to be held to a nice curatorial standard.

Check out their website for info on art, menus, and musical line-ups.

We feel like we found “our” place–can’t wait to go back!

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