Harvey Milk to be Commemorated on a Stamp?

The Bay Area Reporter says that Harvey Milk may get his likeness on a US stamp. If so, he would be the first openly gay person to receive this honor.

From the “tens of thousands of suggestions” for stamp ideas that The Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee receives each year, the group recommends 20 to 25 finalists each year; the postmaster general then selects five or so for production.

Nicole Murray-Ramirez, chair of the Harvey Milk National Stamp Campaign, says they are still soliciting letters of support from the public for Harvey’s stamp. “The feedback we have gotten is they are very impressed so many handwritten letters have been sent. The last couple of years or more there has been a constant flow of letters from all over the United States.”

Ira Michael Heyman (if anyone is keeping track, he was the chancellor at UC Berkeley when I was a freshman), chairs the Committee’s subject subcommittee, but did not respond to requests for comment.

The Committee has notified Milk’s family as well as the Harvey Milk National Stamp Campaign of the interest in a potential stamp, indicating that there is forward momentum to the project.

by Jim Leff
The stamp could look like this, based on artwork by Jim Leff, a friend of Harvey’s.

Letters of support can be written to:

Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee

C/O Stamp Development

U.S. Postal Service

1735 North Lynn St

Suite 5013

Arlington VA  22209-6432

As the Harvey Milk National Stamp Campaign states: “This stamp would serve to further remind Americans that by honoring Harvey Milk, you honor a true American Hero and Champion of Civil Rights for all people”.

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