Living. In a Digital World


I made a very New York decision, and by that, I mean that the size of my apartment has dictated a new approach in my art.

If you’re not familiar with the stereotypical “shoebox” apartment, allow me to describe my second-to-last apartment, in Greenwich Village. I could sit at the kitchen table, and with my left arm, open the fridge. With my right arm, I could open the front door. That was it, the whole kitchen. And by the way, both of us slept in a twin bed–the same twin bed. That was my apartment, and I loved it. But it can make you do crazy things. People keep books in the oven, for example, because the apartment is too small for a bookshelf, and they’re New Yorkers who eat out all the time anyway, so that makes the oven wasted space. Unless, of course, you can turn it into a book storage unit. Only in New York, as they say.

In our current apartment, our walls and storage and nooks and crannies are filled. I’ve temporarily run out of room for the kind of paintings I enjoy making. So, I decided to make art that doesn’t take up much space. My laptop has become my new studio.

Here’s a new digital collage. Stay tuned!