Meditation Update

Many of you followed my adventures in meditation while I was at the Vermont Studio Center–my first concerted attempt to unplug my brain.

I have to confess that even though I loved the Meditation Studio there, saw the benefits of meditating, agreed in principle with how it could be helpful (especially for artists), and borrowed a book from the meditation library…I have slipped since my return to NYC. Just a couple of vague attempts, and no real commitment to carving out the time to do it. Meanwhile, life can be stressful here and I’m not quite as relaxed as I was in Johnson, VT (go figure!).

But suddenly, in recent days, meditation has been the buzzword from all corners.

It keeps coming up in conversations with friends. Dr. Oz said it should be everyone’s New Year’s resolution. I went to a tax seminar for freelancers the other day, and even the accountant urged us to meditate.

That’s when I knew the universe must be telling me something, and that I needed to make room again in my life for it.

Stay tuned; I’ll report on my progress!

2 Replies to “Meditation Update”

  1. I live in Johnson, I’ve never been to those studios before, I practice
    Meditation on my own. I have also lived in NYC
    And in comparison I will take Johnson at peace over NYC
    any day. I have a hard time fitting routine
    Meditation abs yoga into schedule as well.
    Good luck

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