More Unethical News from Slater Museum

John Denison Crocker’s Lincoln

Well, I always wanted the press to write about my artwork, but I didn’t think it would happen this way:

The Day of New London, CT wrote an article about the Lincoln portrait contest.  Although the reporter didn’t interview me personally, she quoted from my earlier blog post.

And I learned something new about the whole debacle:  the jury didn’t even see all of the contest submissions.  The Director of the Slater Museum pre-selected less than half of the portraits, and only that small group was juried.

This is even worse than I thought.  Everything I said before about ethics and lack of respect or fairness…double it.

I naively assumed that my rejection was fair-and-square, that at least the jury had evaluated my artwork, and I could accept that.  I didn’t realize our rejections came before the jury even got involved, and that I do not accept.

I don’t know how the contest can be considered valid at this point.  What an embarrassment to the city.

Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.

8 thoughts on “More Unethical News from Slater Museum”

  1. Wow. I don’t have words for this…but I’m glad you do, and yours are eloquent indeed…this post, and the previous post. Hope you are well!

  2. I have a few words. When this contest was started, a number of my colleagues and I thought it was a travesty that so many people would spend so much effort and money only to have 61 losers – it was injustice to all the resources. We thought a juried call to a few artists was the way to go. Now, the poor people that had their paintings taken out of the exhibit don’t even get the acknowledgement! My mom was working on a submission but did not finish. I wonder, if she was one who was eliminated – our family would not be able to visit the exhibit and see her entry, and be proud. I truly feel for those people and their loved ones who are being denied simple equality.

  3. I am a loved one of one of one of the artists, in fact I am this Maura’s girlfriend and I am absolutely outraged but the way this “contest” was conducted. I would like to know the total sum of time/money people spent on this hoax. I am sorry that Vivian Zoe has put all the artists who participated in such a horrible situation. I hope someone buys your painting Maura I thought it was fantastic and perhaps the jurors may have liked it too…we’ll never know. Be proud of yourself for speaking out on this injustice.

  4. I’m sorry about all of this. I am submitting to the Enabled exhibit tomorrow. Will you be participating in the Orphans or the procession on Saturday? I hope so.

    1. Hi Judith- I will be part of the Orphans and was sorry to miss the Procession last week. But I’ll be at the reception on First Friday-looking forward to meeting you and all the other artists!

  5. Wow, the audacity of these people amaze me. To not even look at half the paintings on top of not displaying all of them after they promised…
    They are unscrupulous.
    I am so glad that all the orphaned work was rescued.

  6. I did a painting,was eliminated by the unscrupulous Ms. Zoe. She has no remorse for what she did. I feel the Museum should fire her. She has no business being in that position and they are showing their colors if they keep her.

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