More Unethical News from Slater Museum

John Denison Crocker's Lincoln

Well, I always wanted the press to write about my artwork, but I didn’t think it would happen this way:

The Day of New London, CT wrote an article about the Lincoln portrait contest.  Although the reporter didn’t interview me personally, she quoted from my earlier blog post.

And I learned something new about the whole debacle:  the jury didn’t even see all of the contest submissions.  The Director of the Slater Museum pre-selected less than half of the portraits, and only that small group was juried.

This is even worse than I thought.  Everything I said before about ethics and lack of respect or fairness…double it.

I naively assumed that my rejection was fair-and-square, that at least the jury had evaluated my artwork, and I could accept that.  I didn’t realize our rejections came before the jury even got involved, and that I do not accept.

I don’t know how the contest can be considered valid at this point.  What an embarrassment to the city.

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