She’s a Nice Girl

Row of paper doll cutouts: girls playing sports and in uniform, ending with two girls facing each other in wedding dresses

She’s a Nice Girl

This digital collage and the following statement are on exhibit right now at Idaho State University, in a show called Mama Said: Art and Artifacts of Wise Women.

“She’s a Nice Girl”

These were the words my mother said to me, twenty minutes or more after I had finally gotten up the courage to tell her that I was dating a woman.

In those long twenty minutes, there were silences, interspersed with a bit of light conversation on other topics, to the point where I wondered if she had heard me.

She did.

Finally, she quietly said, “She’s a nice girl”. It wasn’t an easy thing for her to say.  And it didn’t mean everything was immediately all right…it really wasn’t.  But, some mothers disown their gay kids, and mine did not.