Re•Place Art Exhibition: Artist Statement

My Seattle debut art exhibition at Majestic ARTS Presents allows me to introduce myself and my work to the Pacific Northwest. Mixed media paintings inspired by Italy and other locations will be on view, as well as paper and digital collages which have never been exhibited before.

The title of the exhibition is Re•Place. This theme refers to my ongoing interest in travel, maps, and location, to my recent move to the Seattle area, and to the act of arranging collage elements out of their original context.

Here’s my official artist statement for the exhibition:

Like many travelers and sentimentalists, I collect souvenirs to actively record experiences of a specific time and place. These collected items are as varied as volcanic rock from the top of Mt. Etna, the stereograph that was an anniversary gift and sat on my dresser in New York, and the photo I took of Seattle’s skyline just after moving here.

Including such items in my work allows me to go beyond mere associations of memory. By recombining or repositioning them as visual elements, I’m able to reinterpret the place or experience. This creates new geographic and emotional places, even to the point of fashioning a new world.

Considering my place in the world has become increasingly important in recent months because, for my wife and me, changing our location has a real effect on our marital status. Crossing state lines can, in an instant, erase our marriage. Yet, that jarring thought is balanced by increasing acceptance in other locations.

These feelings of geographic and emotional displacement are a current underpinning of my work, along with the simultaneous joy of pioneering through unfamiliar territory.

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