The Abraham Lincoln Caper: A Tale of Two Lincolns

John Denison Crocker’s Lincoln
My Lincoln

The town of Norwich, CT is sponsoring a contest: the idea is to copy the painting on the left, which was stolen from City Hall in 1994 and never seen again. Norwich cares very much about this painting because Lincoln gave a speech there in 1860 as a Presidential candidate, and because a local artist painted the portrait.

The best copy wins and will be bought by the town and displayed in the original frame.

How am I doing?

2 thoughts on “The Abraham Lincoln Caper: A Tale of Two Lincolns”

  1. Looking good! I am also entering the contest. I grew up in Norwich and my cousin called me notifying me of this call to artists. She remembered my childhood obsession with Abraham Lincoln. So, I have two reasons very close to my heart that the painting is replaced. It is kind of weird with the whole forgery thing and all. Best of luck and happy painting!!!

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