The Abraham Lincoln Caper: Silly Headlines

The project that’s currently keeping me out of trouble is that I’m copying an Abe Lincoln portrait, hoping to win a contest to replace one that was stolen.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around it…the idea of encouraging an artist to copy another work so closely that it can take its place, even occupying the original frame, goes against everything art students are taught nowadays about self-expression, not to mention copyright protection.

The contradictions have been making silly headlines pop into my head, so I thought I might as well share them, all in good fun:

When forgery is a good thing.

Art Forgers, Unite!

Art forgers, we’ve got a gig for you.

Nothing a little forgery won’t cure…

How the hell do you forge an artwork when you can’t even see the original?

That’s OK, the first guy didn’t work from life either.

Calling all art forgers

Wanted: art forgeries! (It’s OK, we’re a museum).

We’d like to commission you to commit an art forgery.

Committing an art forgery…it’s OK, they asked me to.

If you forge it, they will come.

[In fancy script] An invitation to commit forgery

May the best forger win!

Forgery to replace stolen Lincoln portrait: What would Honest Abe say?

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