The Abraham Lincoln Saga: Abe Resurfaces in Norwich at Opening Receptions!

A spirit of camaraderie and light-hearted fun prevailed at the openings of Enabled: The Lincoln Portrait Show that Tells Artists: Do What You Want! and The Lincoln Orphans Exhibit: Giving a Home to the Excluded Portraits! in Norwich, CT on First Friday.

Elanah Sherman, organizer of both shows, personally escorted groups between the floating receptions. Lincoln masks were provided, and Wandering Abes greeted each other on Main Street.

The Wauregan Gallery space was beautiful. Grippo, another local hero in my book, bent over backwards to get the gallery prepared, and hung most of the show. And, any of the works there in the Orphans show would have held their own in the juried show run by the Slater Museum.

Over at Enabled, artworks were more playful and included: prints of Lincoln in the style of Andy Warhol, a paper mosaic, several mixed media sculptures, a painting depicting Lincoln with today’s Tea Partiers, and a portrait of Lincoln on a box of Matzo Ball Mix.

The show was hung beautifully by gallery manager Dan Topalis–the big works didn’t crowd out the small pieces, and all works, no matter their size or placement, were able to shine.

It was clear that these shows were the hotspots in town on First Friday. The venues were packed with artists, supporters, and art lovers. The sense of fun was so palpable that as people passed between the floating receptions for the two shows, outdoor revelers at the local pubs stopped them (enviously) to ask where they were going.

Last but not least–my heartfelt personal thanks again go out to Elanah Sherman, Dan Topalis, Grippo, and everyone else who helped to make these exhibitions possible. They saw a need and they immediately and graciously stepped in to fill it, full speed ahead. This First Friday belonged to them–congratulations on putting together two wonderful shows. And thank you.

Enabled will offer a People’s Choice Prize of $300, courtesy of Grippo–be sure to stop by and vote!

There will be a Closing Reception (People’s Choice winner will be announced then) on May 27, 7-9 PM.

Gallery hours for both shows: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays through May 27. 2:30 – 5:30 PM or by appointment. For appointments, contact Dan Topalis at 860.608.2661.

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