The Abraham Lincoln Situation: Karma Edition. The End?

Remember how the Abraham Lincoln portraits had to be made to a certain size, in order to fit the existing, heirloom frame which had housed the original portrait?

Well, the wrong measurements were provided in the Call for Artists, so all of the portraits–including the winning submission–turned out not to fit the frame. (Read all about it here).

Can you believe?!

The frame, which has already undergone $15,000 worth of restorations in the past year, will be altered in order to fit the contest-winning portrait.

Let’s review:

  • The contest was run in an unethical manner by the Slater Museum, in a way which was degrading to professional artists and which robbed 33 of them of time and money when they were rejected from the exhibition, against the Museum’s own Submission Rules.
  • This has alienated many artists, art lovers, and bystanders in and around Norwich, and sullied the name of the Museum, and of the City of Norwich.
  • The City has already spent more than $23,000 on this contest (frame restoration + purchase prize) and will now spend more to alter the frame.
  • The point of the contest was to create a replica portrait that fit the original frame; the portrait cannot now be considered a replica, and a City heirloom will have to be altered in order to accommodate this contest outcome.

Anything else we should know?

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