Blurred autumn leaves out the window.

Vermont Studio Center: Arrival Day

I hope that the information I plan on posting about my Vermont Studio Center residency will be entertaining (for those of you who are tuning in to find out what I’m doing up here) and useful (for those of you who may be planning to apply for a residency here or elsewhere). I’ll do my best to make it both!

I took the train from NYC and it was a really enjoyable ride, especially with the New England fall foliage on view. There aren’t enough trees in NYC to really gauge when fall arrives, or certainly to appreciate all the changes that take place in the landscape just a few miles away. It was great to look out the window until the sun went down. When we arrived, we saw that there were no leaves left on the trees; we’re so far north in VT (almost to Canada), that autumn has already come and gone here. So, it became clear that those eight hours spent on the train were the extent of my fall season. And I do realize, as I read that again, how sad that sounds…

Autumn leaves are blurred out the window.
Colorful autumn leaves in the landscape.
A photo of trees and leaves.
A photo of a small island filled with autumn trees.

It’s wonderful here so far! Stay tuned for more information about VSC and Johnson, about my adventures in the studio, and the Mexican restaurant that I can see out my studio window–it’s run out of someone’s home!

I’m off to my first artist’s reception–cheers!

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