Vermont Studio Center: Some History

In the Red Mill Gallery: Founders Jon Gregg and Louise von Weise are at left.


Here’s an interesting article about the Vermont Studio Center and its founders, Jon Gregg and Louise von Weise. Although it was written in 2002 and some of it is a little outdated, it gives a good sense of the feel of the place.

Although meals are no longer only a half-hour in length, It’s still true that the program is noncompetitive. Laptops and cellphones still aren’t allowed in the dining area, or even on the first floor of the Red Mill. Although it makes me sound very 20th-century, I appreciate this. Other residents and I have spoken about how liberating it is to be released from the pressure of having to check your cellphone all the time. (Or, in my case, if you’re not checking, of having to explain why not!).

This is a wonderful place. It was described last night during a reading by author Michael Steinberg as a “magical kingdom”. This comes through in the article, so check it out!