Why Painting Matters

Lots of people–web designers, photographers, regular folks and even sculptors, god bless them–ask me why you’d want to paint a painting when you can take a digital photo.

It’s much easier, they say. Absolutely.

Faster. More mobile. Of course.

You can see everything better. Now hold on a minute…

My sad little photo that doesn't do justice to the Sedona sunrise

During a gorgeous sunrise in Sedona, I found a renewed commitment to my usual answer. The sun was coming up behind me, putting a warm glow on the red rocks, moving and making the rocks bigger as it rose, and dividing each plane perfectly into light and shadow.
It was absolutely beautiful, even theatrical–like the curtain being raised on a play. I couldn’t wait to see what would be revealed with each passing moment.
I had two excellent cameras with me and neither one did the scene any justice. I could tell by looking into the LCD screen that the colors weren’t being captured, that the light and contrast were lost, that what I could see with the camera was nothing compared to what I could see with my eyes.
Now take a look at this painting by Michael Chesley Johnson, whom I met that day.

See the difference?

Michael Chesley Johnson