Year of Greatness

Letters and wishes left at La Casa di Giulieta (Juliet’s House), Verona, Italy

Earlier last fall, my wife moved to Italy for one year to attend culinary school. She will be fulfilling a lifelong dream.

A fair question, which we asked ourselves, and which others are asking of us now, is something along the lines of: “What is Maura doing this year?”. Much like a Southerner saying “Bless your heart”, this question holds a world inside it! Depending on who is asking, it might register concern for me for being “left behind”; it might wonder in a gossipy way if we’re divorcing; it might be curious about new artwork; it might be excited for all of the endless possibilities for both of us.

Mia and I are both choosing to look at it as the latter: an adventure for two, a ball of yarn that keeps yielding more and more as it continues to roll.

My new studio is part of this plan. So are the monthly open studios that are held there (Second Saturdays! Come on over!).

In the studio, I’m trying new things, and continuing to explore and deepen long-time ideas. I’m showing my art to more people than I ever have. I’m steeping myself in art, visiting new galleries and museums.

I’m continuing to blog about my art life, my Year of Greatness, here. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me so far on this journey! Stay tuned.

2 Replies to “Year of Greatness”

  1. How beautiful and inspiring! As I step forward every day in my journey trying to discover my light, my inspiration in life, my passion, It touches my soul to know people like you and like Mia who are following their passion. Thank you, your friend, Teresa

  2. Thank you, Teresa! This means so much to me! And it’s nice to be surrounded by others who are also on a journey of discovery and trying to climb the mountain! xoxo

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