Close-up of Lorraine Hansberry smiling and looking playful.

Pride Paintings

These paintings were created, one each day, during June 2016. June is commonly known as Pride Month among the queer community, and I wanted to celebrate by honoring a different queer person or moment each day of the month. Almost halfway through the project, the murders occurred at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, and this project

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A mysterious image where eyes peer down from an enigmatic structure and a man climbs a ladder toward them.

Digital Collages

These collages were made totally on the computer – a departure for me – in my first few months after moving to Seattle. This move was made for good reasons, but it was a tough one for me to reconcile with. I missed the east coast, and struggled to fit in, and couldn’t find a

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Collaged digital photographs of floor tiles from mosque in Abu Dhabi.

The Sketchbook Project

This sketchbook was created for an exhibition that traveled throughout the United States in 2010; it contains entries about my daily life during several months in 2009, when I was traveling extensively in Abu Dhabi for work. Watercolor, collaged scraps of paper, sketches, and handwritten entries discuss my everyday life there. Topics I grappled with

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The Italy Paintings

These paintings were inspired by three summers spent teaching in Italy. (For those in the know, I should specify that one summer was spent in Italy, and two were in Sicily–big difference!). Some are based on photographs I took of objects such as walls, or tools and machinery left to rust in their outdoor environment,

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