Mural Painting

Mural Painting Services

Murals are highly personalized statements. They just might be the ultimate in “bespoke” messaging for a local business, or in customizing the decoration of a home or yard.

A fragment of an outdoor mural depicts the words “Really Love Something”.

Because commissioning a mural isn’t something you do every day, I’ve compiled the following questionnaire and timeline to help you conceptualize what is involved in a mural project.

Questions About Your Mural Ideas

Why are you thinking about a mural in this location [promotion, beautification, or any other descriptive information]?

Where will the mural be seen, and by whom?

What is the wall type [material, condition, texture, current color, or any other descriptive information]?

What type of location [indoor/outdoor, exposure to foot traffic and weather, other information]?

What is the size of the wall, in length and height? Are there notable features, such as posts, fixtures, niches?

Do you have painting materials on hand that will be suitable for the project? [I can advise on this if you have paint you’d like to use, for example]. Do you have access to ladders, lifts, or scaffolding [if needed]?

How long do you intend for the mural to last? [While no mural can last forever, there are steps that can prolong its life, such as paint selection and maintenance after completion]

Do you have a concept or theme in mind?

Do you have a timeline in mind, such as a start date or a deadline?

Do you have a budget set aside for the project? [Depending on your goals for the mural, this could include future maintenance costs, due to time and weather exposure]

There are several stages involved in mural creation:


This stage involves learning more about the wall, your ideas, and any special considerations. Work at this stage may involve researching subject matter and any necessary permits. Lots of questions are encouraged on both sides! This phase can take up to 2 – 3 weeks.


After getting some initial ideas, I like to begin sketching and reviewing more detailed concepts with you. This phase can take at least 2 weeks, and depends on how many sketches and revisions until we reach a final concept.


This is the hands-on-walls phase! It usually involves applying a primer coat, sketching directly on the wall, painting, and clean-up. This phase depends on the size of the wall, as well as the complexity of the design.


We will have already discussed how long you want your mural to last. Besides the paint we chose as a result of that decision, how the wall is maintained is important post-production. You may consider touch-ups [when needed] or schedule repainting of some areas.


Please contact me with your project and branding ideas, and I’ll prepare a quote based on your specific needs.