Paintings and Commissions

My favorite style of painting is a warm, organic abstraction. The abstract format provides freedom to use color, texture, and found objects to tell stories. Recently, my paintings have begun to feature gold leaf, influenced by Italy’s churches and artistic history.

Italian wall posters collaged with gold leaf and road debris, like traffic cone pieces, Bott dots, and rubber fragments.
St. Rage. Acrylic paint, Italian wall posters, printout of digital photograph, Bott dot, found traffic cone fragment, found rubber, found plastic, tracing paper, tea-stained paper, metal leaf, found wood, nails on panel.
Golden saint collaged with gold leaf and pieces of wood and rubber.
St. Expedite. Acrylic and oil paint, plastic, metal leaf, paper, nail, found objects: wood, metal bead on panel.

Please take a look at my paintings portfolio, or let me know if you have an idea for a commission.

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