A mysterious image where eyes peer down from an enigmatic structure and a man climbs a ladder toward them.

Digital Collages

These collages were made totally on the computer – a departure for me – in my first few months after moving to Seattle. This move was made for good reasons, but it was a tough one for me to reconcile with. I missed the east coast, and struggled to fit in, and couldn’t find a job in my field, so was forced to branch out into something expedient but unsatisfying and underpaid. I started composing these pieces out of photos from my digital camera. I put together things that didn’t necessarily make much sense, thematically or geographically; for example, an elderly nonna from a balcony in Sicily, with a model of a horse that I took in a classroom, and a jellyfish from the aquarium in Atlanta. Somehow they made to sense to me though – visual sense, anyway – and they work together within one composition. These crazy, mixed-up images sum up my entry into Washington. Someone later called them “dystopian” and that was what I was feeling at that time for sure.