Two disembodies legs vulnerably meet at the knees, amid background of dripping and/or geometric shapes.

The Lavender Menace Series

Lavender Menace Artist Statement

This body of work is an exploration of identity and its intersection, or collision, with contemporary events. I am moved by news items about structural and personal violence, which I cull from the internet, social media, and traditional news broadcasts.

Painting abstractly about these incidents allows me to remove them from their specific contexts, providing a contemplative space for both maker and viewer. In contrast to the specificity of the news reports, it is a space where colors and edges inform and suggest, where layers both hide and reveal what lies underneath, where collage items assume new identities in relation to their new contextual home.

Though the news items are themselves weighty, even graphic, the paintings inspired by them are accessible and inviting, featuring harmonious colors, lively compositions, organic shapes, and evidence of the artist’s hand in bursts of drawing. This attention to beauty invites the viewer to engage with a topic which may otherwise be too gritty to face. By actively locating beauty in what may be considered unusual places, I advocate for a concern for social justice. The paintings offer a gesture for connection, and ultimately a hopeful worldview.

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