Title card for Loving Vincent movie, with Van Gogh portraits arranged on Van Gogh landscape of wheatfield

Loving Vincent

Some thoughts on the movie Loving Vincent . . . It is both spectacular and maddening. The plot is ridiculous: Armand Roulin, twenty-something son of the bushy-bearded postmaster whom Van Gogh painted so memorably, is tasked by his father with traveling to Paris in order to deliver Vincent’s final letter (to his brother, Theo). Armand […]

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Book cover for McGurk Mysteries, with 70s style cover art.

McGurk Mysteries

At my art opening the other night, I engaged in a rather mind-blowing conversation. While I was chatting with a visitor, he idly looked at my business card holder on the countertop, and kind of brushed his index finger along my name. Half to himself, he said he hadn’t heard that name since he was

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Dore Ashton standing in Guggenheim Museum's circular ramp.

Dore Ashton, In Memoriam

I always loved reading Dore Ashton’s writing. It’s clear, but elegant and beautiful. Her friendships with artists put her in the unique position of being able to reveal anecdotes that cast their work in a new, more personal light. In her hands, they were significant yet little-known accounts that further enlightened the artists’ work; they

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