Web Design Services

I’d love to help you realize possibilities for representing your business in the world. I draw on my background and expertise in fine art to craft an individualized, creative expression of your business’s identity.

Website Solutions

Website Design and Development

Custom Code


Customized WordPress/Squarespace

One-page Website: $1,200

5 - 8 pages: $3,000

Over 8 pages: $5,000

Design Therapy

for Your Existing Site


Most of the time, I recommend a complete redesign on a site you no longer love: it’s usually more satisfying, efficient, and budget-friendly. But as long as your current site is healthy, sometimes all you need is a little TLC. This is a design-based solution to address changes such as:

  • substantial copy revisions
  • fresh photos
  • a new page, or streamlining pages

Spring Cleaning


Designed for speed! If your site has been live for some time, it’s likely there are cobwebs that need dusting, which may include:

  • unused images
  • outdated plug-ins
  • obsolete posts
  • broken links

I’ll remove what should go, and streamline what should stay. This is a performance-based solution that cleans behind the scenes.

Sustainable Websites


We don’t usually think of technology in relation to our environmental footprint, but maybe we should: consider that each Google search uses energy equivalent to turning on a 60-watt lightbulb for 17 seconds. Sustainable web design can be part of the solution! I offer:

  • consultation about whether a sustainable website might work for your needs
  • ultra-lean sites that use less energy
  • greener web hosting
  • additional tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle with regards to technology

Tech Support

$75 per hour

For services such as:

  • maintenance and updates behind the scenes 
  • if you’ve hit a bump in the road while creating your own DIY web magic, I can take the reins, or guide you through
  • you love your site but would like training on how to use it more confidently
  • site audit to repair typos and broken links

Additional expertise

I offer additional support in realizing your vision for your business; it can be integrated into the creation of your website, or stand alone, according to your needs.

Please contact me with your project and branding ideas, and I’ll prepare a quote based on your specific needs.


Custom illustrations lend a handcrafted, bespoke sensibility to any project. Illustrations as icons, background texture, or stand-alone graphics can communicate the heart within your business, and make your website really sing.

Custom Photography

Your site stands apart when you feature your own photos. Original photos help Google find and rank your site, too. I can create a photo shoot of your projects or products, or candidly capture your work in action.

Branding/Art Direction

I bring my discerning eye and years of experience with visual communication to your business’s mission. I will provide recommendations on how to:

  • craft a visual style for your message
  • communicate online, via the principles of design
  • choose or create images (such as photographs, illustrations, and/or icons, as appropriate) for your website
  • integrate these aesthetics with written copy
  • skillfully balance aesthetics with the best possible user experience

My goal is to craft a style that confidently and beautifully expresses your mission.

Editorial Services

As someone who works with artists across multiple disciplines, I support the art and craft of writing. Editorial services are an important component of web design, and I will create or edit your copy to arrive at the tone that best represents your business. I love eradicating typos, and I also have experience in editing manuscripts.


“Maura’s work is impeccable at every stage, from her detailed communication to creative overall vision and meticulous execution. She worked with me to conceive a website for my new business and then carried out the project with such high quality that everyone I’ve shown it to has been impressed – some have even gasped when they saw it. I’ve worked with web professionals for over two decades and Maura’s agility, technical chops, and creativity put her at the very top of that group. She’ll be the first person I call when I need additional web design work.”

Elizabeth DeNoma, Publishing Consultant and Translator at DeNoma Literary Services.

Elizabeth DeNoma

Publishing Consulting and Translation, DeNoma Literary Services

“As I was finishing my first novel, I knew that editing was going to be a necessary and vital step. And that’s about it. I didn’t know anything else about how the process worked or how a person could professionally gauge my work and still feel the deep connection I had with the story and its characters. But Maura did it. From the beginning, she felt more like a collaborator than an editor. Her notes and suggestions were invaluable. I took almost every single one, and why wouldn’t I? They made my book so much better! Maura has a knack for offering a writer just the right amount of compliments, which create the courage to address her criticisms. She gets subtle humor, she loves badass women (characters), and I suspect she liked my bad guys more than the good guys. From grammar and word usage to story arc and character development, Maura helped me make a book I could be proud of.”

Author Mark Henry.

Mark A. Henry

Author of Lacking Evidence to the Contrary: A Lowbrow Novel of Questionable Necessity

Prior to our consultation

As you contemplate taking this important step for your business, please ponder these questions. Your answers will help me to understand your business and its specific challenges.

About your business

  • What products/services does your business offer?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What are the top 5 reasons your ideal customer will visit your site?
  • What are your goals for the site?
  • Do you have a current website?
  • Why are you choosing to design/redesign, and why now?
  • What is your desired timeline?

About your ideas

  • What pages do you have in mind (About, Services, Blog, etc)?
  • Any thoughts about color scheme or design?
  • Name 3 websites you like for their design (may be the site overall, or just one element)…
  • …and 3 websites you dislike for their design.
  • Any other thoughts to share?

Please contact me at maura@mauramcgurk.com

I look forward to discussing your project!