Art and Design Portfolio

Art and Design Portfolio Case Study

The Challenge

This is my own website, which showcases both my fine artwork as well as my web design business. My initial dilemma was to wonder whether my work might be best served by building two different websites, one for my paintings and one for web design. After deciding to keep both parts of “my brand” together in one site, under my name, my second dilemma became how to knit the two sides of my creative work together into a single homepage, as well as an organized website that provided a smooth navigation between the two portfolios.

Split homepage, with a different color, image, and instruction on each half; a greeting from the web designer spans both sides.

The Solution

My solution was to not pull any punches: I very clearly split the screen down the middle. The complementary colors (orange and blue) are opposite each other on the color wheel, so they clearly mark their own territory, yet they’re not fully saturated, so they coexist in a comfortable way.

I minimized the amount of information on this page – just a few words on each color field, along with a sample of my work – so that it’s easy to understand. There is a link on each side, which takes the viewer to their desired “track”. Once on that track, clear navigation makes clear how to switch between portfolios, as desired, for a solid user experience.