McGurk Web Design Portfolio

McGurk Web Design Portfolio
Case Study

The Challenge

My growing web design business needed a fresh, new look to showcase my growing repertoire of web design skills. With my background as a fine artist, it was vital to me that my online portfolio portray me and my work in a compelling, yet personal, way.

The Solution

Layout of several projects from web design portfolio, featuring logos and brief project descriptions.

I deliberately chose a bolder palette and style to stand out from the current trend, which often seems to feature workspaces or desktops that are white and clean, well-lit, yet exceedingly bare except for a mug of coffee.

The palette and strong lines and edges of the hero image, as well as the text boxes, portray a colorful, custom, and contemporary feel. The hero image photograph was made by me; it is not a popular stock image.

I also decided to share some of my creative process, via case studies, for the first time. In these case studies, I try to explain why I chose a particular design solution to solve a particular business challenge. 

Excerpt, with text and photo, describing challenges in redesigning thinkspace website.

My goal is to give potential clients a window into my creative process, personalize some of the activity that happens behind the scenes, and even provide a bit of an education on how to communicate visually (which also happens to be a passion of mine). 

Images and text that illustrate how thinkspace website was redesigned to solve specific business challenges.

I hope that, through these studies, potential clients can envision working with me on finding creative, design-based business solutions for their own business.

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