Homepage for thinkspace, featuring people working at shared tabletop with laptops and coffee mugs.


thinkspace Case Study

Thinkspace homepage with logo and image of young women working on computers.

The Challenge

This concept was born at a hackathon which thinkspace hosted at their co-working venue in Seattle. They presented the following problem to us hackers: how would we improve the thinkspace website, within the hackathon time limit of three hours?

I chose to focus on user experience challenges related to the home page:                   

  • improve legibility of text
  • integrate the hero image with the business, and use it to visually communicate its mission
  • streamline information presented in the navigation
  • present a strong thinkspace logo: remove the extraneous second one, ensure that the remaining logo stands on its own and doesn’t compete with images
Homepage for thinkspace, featuring people working at shared tabletop with laptops and coffee mugs.

The Solution

  • a color palette that allows for more contrast between the text and background, making everything easier to read, and accessible to users with visual challenges
  • the color palette is now sharper and fresher overall. Complementary blues, grays and oranges visually convey a dynamism because they’re opposites on the color wheel. This opposition creates a push-pull effect on our eyes that translates to movement – quite literally, within our eyes, but also symbolically. This dynamic color scheme is meant to appeal to thinkspace’s key demographic of savvy professionals who are on the move – professionally, figuratively, and literally
  • the new hero image communicates a sense of what the business is about: a shared, friendly workspace full of caffeinated energy and purpose
  • a streamlined nav bar encompasses thinkspace’s many offerings
  • one version of the thinkspace logo is clearly displayed at the top left

The new homepage more quickly and easily communicates what thinkspace offers, while also conveying a sense of fun and camaraderie that is in keeping with the business’s mission.