Web Design Portfolio

Web Design Portfolio Case Study

Homepage with clean, almost sterile look - empty desk and chair, plain background.

The Challenge

This concept evolved from a class exercise in HTML and CSS, in which I, and all of my classmates, were provided the same image folder and asked to recreate the same one-page portfolio site (we were given the option to change our name and biographical text). My original solution looked quite generic, possibly because so many online portfolios these days feature a bright, white room with a desk, a potted succulent, and/or a cup of coffee. Although this look is really trendy right now, I must admit that it looks nothing like my real-life desk. (And since we’re among friends, I’ll confide that I don’t even like coffee!). 

In my work as a fine art painter, I’ve created many personalized portfolios over the years which were intensely reflective of my individual sensibilities. In this case, it felt a bit unnatural to showcase this homepage because so many other students in my program were also using the same one. For me, it was important to personalize my portfolio, and faithfully represent myself and my work.

The Solution

Homepage with thought-bubble introducing a web designer.

My goal was to convey a more personable and individual statement. To that end, the impossibly pristine desk had to go because, to me, it doesn’t look conducive to real work! I also wanted to go a step farther, and make the first friendly overture to website visitors, just as I often would in real life.

I responded by creating a handmade hero image. I chose the chat bubble as the main visual element because it retains a clean and simple graphic statement, yet seems personal and relatable. It also provides the conversational opener, as if I’m literally speaking with visitors, along with the introductory text (and a small joke, which I couldn’t resist).

I really believe that technology doesn’t need to feel inhuman, and I want to convey an openness and ease, in both my design and interpersonal styles.